Hagi Bradley SLU

Administrative Initiatives

In keeping with the cost-saving and efficiency aspect of the Consortium mission, the New York Six schools pursue administrative and operational collaborations that reduce cost and duplication of effort. These collaborations include areas such as joint procurement, risk management, off-campus programs administration, sustainability programs, staff development, and benchmarking.
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Union College Pridefest

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The New York Six campuses share the goals of supporting an increasingly diverse student body, faculty, and staff through educational, cultural, and social programs and activities; and building understanding and acceptance among community members from diverse backgrounds and with varying points of view.
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Martin Baron Michelle in classroom

Faculty Network

New York Six faculty benefit greatly from connections with colleagues with whom they share scholarly and pedagogical interests. Through workshops, seed grants, and discussion groups, faculty members share information and experiences, gain insight into developments in their disciplines, and identify opportunities for collaboration in teaching and research.
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Art Force 5 Project

Student Affairs Initiatives

With a multitude of issues in common, the New York Six deans of students, their staff members, and student leaders collaborate on a range of programs to aid professional development and identify and share best practices. Among the areas explored are sexual assault; first-year programs, particularly the transition to the liberal-arts college environment; residence life, including staff training and the enhancement of intellectual life in campus residences; student activities, with an emphasis on campus climate and student leadership development; and multicultural affairs.
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Study Abroad Collaboration

Across the New York Six, it is possible for students to study on six of the world's seven continents. While individual colleges cannot offer this breadth of programming on their own, we hope to open up programs to students across the Consortium on a space-available basis. We will learn from the experience of Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Union College, which together established the successful Partnership for Global Education with the support of the Mellon Foundation. The program will serve as a model for study abroad program sharing for the other members of the Consortium. In addition, this group will explore best practices and opportunities for collaboration on several back-office functions such as risk management, banking, employment, visa services, and SEVIS (federal Student Exchange and Visitor Information System) services, among others.
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