Board of Directors: Presidents of member institutions.  Responsible for overall direction of consortium, approval of initiatives, and approval of the annual budget.

Brian Casey, Colgate University
David Wippman, Hamilton College
Mark Gearan, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Kathryn Morris, St. Lawrence University
Marc Conner, Skidmore College
David Harris, Union College

Staff: Responsible for facilitating consortium initiatives and day-to-day operations.

Amy Doonan Cronin, Executive Director
Kelly Walton, Assistant (part-time)

Provosts Council: Chief academic officers of the member institutions.  Responsible for review of existing and proposed academic initiatives.  Recommends approval of programs to the Board of Directors.

Lesleigh Cushing, Colgate University
Ngonidzashe Munemo, Hamilton College
Sarah Kirk, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Karl Schonberg, St. Lawrence University
Michael Orr, Skidmore College
Michele Penner Angrist, Union College

Finance Council: Chief financial officers of the member institutions.  Responsible for oversight of operational initiatives.  Reviews and recommends annual consortium budget to the Board of Directors.

Joseph Hope, Colgate University
Karen Leach, Hamilton College
Mark Edwards, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Stephen Hietsch, St. Lawrence University
Donna Ng, Skidmore College
Scott Jones, Union College

Communities of Practice: Develop proposals for new programs; assist in implementation of existing programs.  Also address issues and share best practices in common operational/administrative areas (e.g., diversity, information technology, student affairs, communications).