MediaShare Project

The New York Six MediaShare Project is a bold initiative developed through the partnership of the library directors and chief information officers on the six member campuses. Colleges and universities around the country are struggling with the complexities of shared media.  Through New York Six MediaShare, we will explore these issues and develop projects that will make possible the sharing of media in digital and physical formats among the six campuses, and perhaps beyond.

The mission of New York Six MediaShare is to share media collections and technologies, leverage resources, and enhance services through cooperative and coordinated activities.  There are two components to New York Six MediaShare:  the Streaming Media Project and the ConnectNY Membership Project.

Educational Technology ITAP Program

The NY6 Educational Technology Director’s Group (NY6TD), along with their teams, are launching a highly collaborative initiative called ITAP (Instructional Technology Apprenticeship Program), which is designed to give students practical, hands-on, educational technology experiences in an IT environment at one of our NY6 institutions. The ITAP program is geared for students who are interested in coupling their liberal arts degree with paraprofessional experiences in the field of instructional technology.  Go to for more information about the ITAP program.

Digital Scholarship

Digital scholarship represents an opportunity for the New York Six institutions to promote innovation in teaching and research through the use of new media and technology.  A collaboration of faculty, information technology staff, and librarians, the consortium’s digital scholarship initiative includes the 4Humanities@NY6 chapter, a partnership with the Mellon-funded Humanities Corridor of Central New York, and support for infrastructure needs of digital scholarship initiatives on the member campuses.

Faculty Network

This initiative will address the needs of faculty who are in leadership roles in the liberal-arts college governance structure, particularly department chairs and chairs of key committees, such as tenure and promotion.  Among the activities envisioned are workshops on topics such as budgeting, mentoring new faculty, and meeting the needs of newly tenured faculty.  The New York Six Faculty Network also will include support for faculty interest groups – occasional gatherings of faculty to discuss scholarly or pedagogical issues of mutual interest.

Student Affairs Network

With a multitude of issues in common, the New York Six deans of students, their staff members, and student leaders will collaborate on a range of programs to aid professional development and identify and share best practices.  Among the areas to be addressed collaboratively are first-year programs, particularly the transition to the liberal-arts college environment; residence life, including staff training and the enhancement of intellectual life in campus residences; student activities, with an emphasis on campus climate and student leadership development; and multicultural affairs, whose directors plan to partner with student activities and campus diversity officers on shared programming for faculty, staff, and students.

Diversity Network

The New York Six campuses share the goals of supporting an increasingly diverse student body, faculty, and staff through educational, cultural, and social programs and activities; and building understanding and acceptance among community members from diverse backgrounds and with varying points of view.

We believe that our campuses can help each other achieve these goals more efficiently and effectively by sharing resources and programs.  Among the activities we intend to pursue collaboratively are a series of Consortium-wide diversity events for faculty, staff, and students with expert speakers and facilitators; short-term faculty exchanges among the six campuses to bring more diverse points of view into the classroom; rotating campus visits and webinars through which diversity officers and multicultural affairs directors can share best practices; and shared diversity training (in-person and on-line) for faculty and staff.

Administrative Initiatives

In keeping with the cost-saving and efficiency aspect of the Consortium mission, the New York Six schools will pursue administrative and operational collaborations that reduce cost and duplication of effort.

Joint procurement opportunities are the most obvious way to generate savings for our member institutions.  For example, New York Six discounts have been obtained from New England Woodcraft (residence hall furniture), Inside Higher Education (job postings), and Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and five of the New York Six schools participated in a joint RFP that resulted in reduced costs for pension audit services.  The Consortium will launch a number of other joint procurement projects during fiscal year 2011, such as student health insurance, prescription drug coverage, and network security assessment.

Other areas in which we will explore partnerships to improve efficiency and save money are risk management, off-campus programs administration, sustainability programs, staff development, and benchmarking.