NY6 International Students Day

The New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium will hold the second annual NY6 International Students Day on March 31, in recognition of the many contributions these students make to our campuses and communities. International students will receive a small token of appreciation from the Consortium, and their campuses will celebrate the day as well.

“Our member institutions prepare students to thrive in a global society, and the presence of international
students in our classrooms and their contributions to campus life is an important aspect of that experience
for all students,” said Amy Cronin, Executive Director of the New York Six.

Collectively, the New York Six schools enroll more than 1,000 international students from nearly every
continent. The Consortium provides programming to support these students and to help them build
community across the six institutions, including an annual International Student Summit, webinars, and
day trips to explore upstate New York.

Questions? Contact Kim Marsella, Project Manager at kmarsella@newyork6.org