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Call for Submissions to The Aleph: a journal of global perspectives

Get Published! Call for Submissions to The Aleph:
a journal of global perspectives, Volume XIV, 2017

The Aleph, a yearly literary/artistic journal published by the Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Union College Partnership for Global Education, is seeking submissions for our next issue. The journal showcases the photography, artwork, poetry, and prose produced by students who have studied abroad and international students on our campuses. In providing a creative space for students to share their cross-cultural experiences, The Aleph encourages them to continue to reflect on and process those experiences. For the reader, the journal offers insight into the ways in which students engage with local communities while abroad and how their encounters with different peoples and cultures have shaped their view of the world.

Editorial Philosophy: The journal takes its name from the 1945 short story “The Aleph” from the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The Aleph, according to Borges, is a mythical point in space from which all things, and the relationships between them, can be seen and understood.
The journal is intended to illustrate the wealth of experiences our students have abroad, crossing borders and cultures, navigating societies different from their own in which they are exposed to new values and perspectives. In a world where cross-cultural understanding is increasingly important, The Aleph provides a space where critical dialogue and reflection can occur.

>>For the upcoming issue, the journal will be opening its call for submissions to students across the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium, which includes Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, St. Lawrence University, Skidmore College, and Union College.

Who Can Submit: Students who are currently matriculated at one of the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium member schools are eligible to submit to The Aleph.

Acceptable Genres: The Aleph accepts photography, artwork, and a wide variety of written work (essays, short stories, journals, reflective prose, poetry). Submissions using different mediums (e.g. video or web media) may be considered for on-line publication.

Submission Deadline: The deadline for this year's submissions is Friday, June 30, 2017.  Works that are received after the deadline will be considered for publication in the following academic year.

For more information, or to submit your work for consideration online, please go to the following URL:

Join Facebook Live Event on Immigration

Interested in U.S. immigration policy? Hamilton College President David Wippman and Ben Casper, director of the Center for New Americans at the University of Minnesota Law School, will discuss the policy’s implications during a Facebook Live event on Friday, April 28, at 11:30 a.m. Find out more at

NY6 Call for Proposals: Seed Grants Available to Support New Academic Working Groups

The New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium invites faculty from the six member institutions who are currently involved in or are interested in developing new academic collaborations to submit proposals for funding to support their project(s).  Seed grants of up to $1,000 are available to support up to six new academic working groups.  Proposals submitted by June 2, 2017 will get priority consideration of funding for this upcoming academic year.  These seed grants are being made available to encourage the initiation of new partnerships between faculty who wish to work together to develop academic collaborations.  Additional funding through external grants may become available, if relevant.

How can NY6 faculty get involved?

Collaboration involving individuals from at least three of the six member schools will be considered.  Proposals are reviewed following the June 2, 2017 deadline.  

Step #1: What is your idea?

Identify a goal/problem that could be addressed better through collaboration with colleagues across the NY6.

Step #2: Who can you connect with?

Find partners who will assist you in reaching your goal, and who will add to your project team.  Need assistance finding partners?  Contact the NY6 Project Manager, Nell Bartkowiak, to get started!

Step #3: Create a plan.

Consider what resources and timeframe are needed to support the creation of a working group to move your idea into action.  See the proposal form and resources list, attached, for more information.